Brittany Maynard Suicide

This Saturday will be an extraordinary day for Brittany Maynard.  She’s been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and has decided to end her own life by physician-assisted suicide.  With her family around her, Brittany plans to drink a lethal concoction prescribed by a doctor.  Joni Eareckson Tada is well known for her ministry in evangelical circles.  In nineteen-sixty-seven she was severely injured in a diving accident.  Since then she’s graciously lived and thrived with a litany of serious health issues.  If Joni could talk with Brittany, she’d quote “tell her how I have felt the love of Jesus strengthen and comfort me through my own cancer, chronic pain and quadriplegia.”  Brittany’s facing a very serious and terminal illness.  Please pray she looks to Jesus for each day that God gives her.   

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