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Every day, women and men are conducting Internet searches related to abortion. The organization, Online for Life, has made it their purpose to ensure a pro-life option appears in the search results. Abortion-minded parents are given the option to connect with life-affirming resources in their local area. Through a network of pro-life centers, they are provided with information about the risks of abortion and can also be shown an ultrasound. As a result, many choose life for their child. Since 2007, Online for Life reports saving over 1,100 babies from abortion.
Pro-lifers can engage with the Online for Life mission via an iPhone app. It offers a Life Map, where you can view the locations of their partner centers. A virtual sonogram is available, with images throughout all nine months of pregnancy. It also features a stories section with articles and videos about some of the lives that have been saved because of Online for Life. It’s a powerful testimony to realize these women faced social and financial pressures and thought abortion was the solution. Yet, once they received care and support, they recognized they were strong enough to choose life.
The notifications are what really set this app apart. You can sign up for Prayer Notifications, which means you’ll be notified when a woman considering abortion in your area chooses to visit an Online for Life center. You can pray in real-time that she’ll be open to the truth and have the courage to reject abortion. In addition, there are Life Notifications which are sent out any time a baby is rescued from abortion. You can rejoice in a life that was saved!
Online for Life is saving babies and families. To get the app or to learn more, visit

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