Educating Ecuador’s Academia

In the US, we live with the reality that abortion is legal. Unfortunately, America’s pro-abortion laws have also been a dangerous export, influencing other countries around the world. However, not all have followed down our deadly path.

Recently, I traveled to the picturesque country of Ecuador. Abortion is not legal; however pro-abortion activists have been pushing their agenda. Thankfully, pro-life Ecuadorians have been responding with a tireless opposition against the legalization of abortion.

The people of Ecuador do have a passion for life. This was evident to me during a lecture series at Catholic University. I and the other speakers were able to address the academic community and members of Congress in an effort to prevent abortion from being legalized. Specifically, I spoke on the topic of men and abortion. I cited available research and explained the symptoms they experience and how to treat those symptoms. The lectures were covered by local media, generating lots of discussion in the nation’s capital city.

Among my colleagues was Dr. Priscilla Coleman, a professor at Bowling Green State University, who has researched abortion’s psychological effects on women. She spoke on the topic of rejecting abortion to safeguard the physical and mental wellbeing of women.

Additionally, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Danelia Cardona Lozada, a psychologist from Columbia who shared powerful, real-life accounts of abortion’s impact on some of her patients.

Perhaps one of my favorite memories is visiting a local pro-life youth organization. I was impressed with their eagerness and all-encompassing joy of doing pro-life work. Presenting to a packed room of high school students was incredible. And I am moved to consider how many of the teens may have made a lifestyle choice to avoid pregnancy and abortion.

Our message to the leaders of Ecuador was to consider the damage abortion has caused in America. I pray that our message is taken to heart and that Ecuador will continue to protect its most vulnerable, unborn children.

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