Oral Arguments Finished

The last day of oral arguments by the Supreme Court on Obamacare showed just how aggressively the law forces itself on Americans. Under the plan, Medicaid is hugely expanded to accommodate expenditures. States are offered enormous amounts of money to implement Obamacare. But if they refuse, they’ll not only be denied these additional Medicaid funds, they’’ll also be stripped of all other Medicaid funds. It’’s coercion by the government. Now that the Court’’s deliberations on Obamacare are done, I’’m prayerfully optimistic the mandate won’’t stand, including parts of the law closely tied with the mandate. I wouldn’’t go so far as to predict the Court will overturn all of Obamacare, but I’’m hopeful the heart will be taken out and Americans will be better protected. Please keep praying.

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