License of Late-Term Abortionist Yanked

The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has ordered the revocation of the medical license of abortionist Ann Neuhaus. She routinely rubber stamped abortions of unborn babies so late in pregnancy, they were able to live outside the womb——abortions were done on mothers as young as 10 years old. There’’s no evidence she even saw many of the patients. At the time, law required a second abortionist’’s opinion when George Tiller was doing wholesale late-term abortions. And they were only to be done when the mother’’s health situation was very serious. Many of her so-called diagnoses were even done after the abortion. If George Tiller had lived, it’’s almost certain his medical license would have been yanked too. This was an illegal operation, pure and simple. Finally, justice is prevailing.

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