House of Horrors Part 2

Yesterday I told you about late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, arrested without bail for the murder of one woman and seven born-alive babies. Conditions in the mill were ghastly. The district attorney estimates Gosnell made 2 million dollars in one year. A search of his home revealed a quarter-million in cash and a gun hidden in his 12-year-old daughter’’s closet. But you’’ve probably heard precious little about this in the media. So I’’m determined to reveal the truth about the abortion industry. Please read more. I’’ve posted the DA’’s summary from the Grand Jury Report at today’’s broadcast link at life issues dot org (see below). You and I must educate women who’’ve been lied to so abortionists can make money by killing their babies. Please read more today at life issues dot org.

Gosnell Grand Jury Report

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