Trusted Pro-Life Voice Reaches a Milestone


Life Issues Host Brad Mattes Marks Five Years on Air

Life Issues Institute is delighted to announce that Brad Mattes, Host of Life Issues, has reached a milestone in radio. Mr. Mattes marks five years on the air today, April 21, 2008. Life Issues, a one-minute pro-life daily commentary,tackles pro-life topics such as abortion, stem cells and euthanasia, keeping listeners informed on the latest pro-life happenings across the nation and around the world.

Dr. Willke, President of Life Issues Institute, said, “As an earlier veteran of daily radio messages myself, I’d like to warmly compliment Brad. His commentaries have been excellent and always thought provoking. I wish him another ten or twenty years.”

Please let Brad know how much you appreciate Life Issues, and his dedication to innocent human life. Send your congratulations and well wishes to

Life Issues is currently heard on nearly 600 radio stations across the US. To learn how you can tune in and listen click here.


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