Effective Ideas for College Activism

Students for Life of America is an organization dedicated to mobilizing pro-life college students on campuses throughout the nation. Their goal is to equip fellow students with the knowledge and tools to help overturn Roe v. Wade.

The philosophy of Students for Life of America to educate Americans to the horrible reality of abortion is one shared by Life Issues Institute. If pro-life educational information is presented factually and in a calm and rational manner, more hearts and minds will be changed on abortion.

This college pro-life group has come up with an excellent, hands-on tool to help any campus student effectively persuade others on abortion, euthanasia, stem cells and other critical related life issues. They have developed an activism handbook, which greatly assists pro-life students in organizing a pro-life presence on their university campus. In addition, it tells students how to engage in key projects such as writing an editorial for the school paper, holding a candlelight vigil or interning with other pro-life organizations.

The handbook walks you through the process of setting up your own Students for Life chapter by providing a sample constitution and explaining organizational structure. It’s packed with practical guidelines to reach fellow students on the life issues.

Contact Students for Life of America and receive your own copies of this handbook. They will be more than happy to assist your local pro-life efforts to change hearts and minds on the life issues. They can be reached at www.studentsforlife.org or by phone at 703.351.6280. Their address is 4141 N Henderson Rd., Suite 4, Arlington, VA 22203.

Now is the perfect time to organize or revitalize your pro-life efforts on the college and university campuses across the nation.

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