Judge Alito Update

It’’s been a few weeks since Judge Samuel Alito was nominated to the US Supreme Court. Here’s the latest information on the confirmation process.

The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to begin hearings on January 9. The Committee will vote on January 14, with the full Senate voting on January 20. President Bush had called for a final senate vote before the end of the year. However, it appears partisan politics has reared its ugly head to unnecessarily delay the process.

Barring any unexpected revelation regarding Judge Alito, we believe he will be a pro-life jurist on our nation’s highest Court.

Republican Senator Sam Brownback (KS), is a member of the Judiciary Committee and has solid pro-life credentials. He had withheld his support of nominee Harriet Miers, however, his opinion of Judge Alito is considerably different. Senator Brownback said, “This is the type of nominee I’ve been asking for, as far as an individual of unquestionable qualifications and a long judicial track record.” The Senator further said Judge Alito has “excellent qualifications to go onto the bench.”

Don’t expect Judge Alito to give his position on Roe v. Wade. He cannot say anything that would prejudice his ability to make a fair ruling. His record on the appellate court of strictly adhering to judicial restraint, increases the likelihood that he would find Roe was an act of judicial activism and should be corrected.

The question lingers as to whether or not liberal, pro-abortion Democrats will filibuster Judge Alito over the abortion issue. Senator Joseph Biden from Delaware, a leading Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, is leaning away from denying Judge Alito a fair up-or-down vote. Senator Biden said, “My instinct is we should commit,” to giving him that vote.

Senators Mike DeWine of Ohio and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Republican members of the “gang of 14,” have already indicated they would support the “constitutional option” which would change the number of senators needed to end a filibuster on judicial nominations.

At this point in the process, things look fairly positive. But we can’t sit back and think the battle is already won. The abortion industry and radical pro-abortion organizations will pull out all the stops to keep Judge Alito off the Supreme Court.

I’ll keep you posted as the situation develops. Please keep Judge Alito and our nation in your prayers. If there is any question in your mind whether or not your senators would support a fair up-or-down vote on Judge Alito, please contact them now and ask them to publicly commit to one.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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