Outstanding Appointment

President Bush is to be enthusiastically congratulated for his outstanding appointment of Judge Samuel A. Alito to the US Supreme Court. While under Democrat control, Judge Alito was unanimously confirmed as an appellate judge in 1990, by both the Judiciary Committee and full Senate. At that time Senator Ted Kennedy said Alito has “a distinguished record”. . . “[w]e look forward to supporting you.” Judge Alito has since served with distinction on the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

President Bush has honored his commitment to appoint Supreme Court Justices in the molds of Justices Scalia and Thomas. Judge Alito has acquired the nickname “Scalito” because of his similarity to Justice Antonin Scalia.

In Planned Parenthood v. Casey, Judge Alito voted to uphold informed consent, parental consent and reporting and public disclosure requirements. He also supported that the husband first be informed if his wife was having an abortion.

It should be noted that Judge Alito voted to strike down a Partial-Birth Abortion ban, citing that it is the “responsibility” of judges “to follow and apply controlling Supreme Court precedent.” As an appellate judge, he was powerless to overturn a Supreme Court decision, and demonstrated judicial restraint. There is little doubt, however, that as a Supreme Court justice, he would vote to stop this grizzly abortion procedure.

Judge Alito is a nominee the entire pro-life movement can, without hesitation, get behind. President Bush has hit a homerun by nominating Judge Alito. We call on the liberal pro-abortion senators to give Judge Alito a fair up-or-down vote by the end of the year.

This is a great day for unborn babies and their parents!

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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