Free Resources to Help Men After Abortion

Life Issues Institute operates a nationwide referral network for the fathers of aborted babies. With the click of a mouse, men who are suffering from post-abortion stress can connect with a free counselor. They simply go to and click on “Resources and then Counseling for Men.” Many forgotten fathers are weary of drawing attention to themselves. The website referral network enables them to ask for help anonymously if they wish. All that’’s required is their email address and city or town where they live. We then locate a counselor and forward the contact information to the person requesting help.

Life Issues Institute has experienced a growing number of men and/or their partners looking for someone to talk with about their abortion experience. More crisis pregnancy centers and churches are urgently needed to begin a ministry to America’s forgotten fathers. It’s easier than you might think to get an outreach to men going in your community.

Now, free resources to help these hurting men are also only a click away. Go to and click on Resources and then “Men and Abortion Network.” Then click on “resources.” You will find a manual called Forgotten Fathers to teach others how to counsel men who have lost a child to abortion. In addition, there is also a corresponding Bible study called Missing Arrows to take a man through the healing process. Both resources have been developed by Warren Williams, one of the nation’’s leading experts and counselors on the issue of men and abortion.

Both resources can be downloaded for free. In addition, you may make as many copies as you need. Our goal is to get these valuable tools into the hands of those willing to reach out to hurting men. Additional resources are listed on the website.

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