New Pro-Life Billboards

We’’re pleased to announce that Cincinnati Right to Life has just produced two new pro-life billboards. They have been designed by an expert team in design artistry and advertising effectiveness. Cincinnati has been one of the prime sources of pro-life billboards for the United States for many years.

When choosing a billboard for your highway, it is important to keep several factors in mind. The passing motorists get one quick look at the billboard. During that time, he or she is able to read only a few words and/or take in only large, clear pictures. If your billboard contains too many words, or drawings that are relatively small and perhaps detailed, the passing motorist will not get your message. As a rule of thumb, an effective billboard normally will have no more than perhaps six words, and these in very large, easy to read letters.

Following these guidelines, Cincinnati Right to Life has just created two new additions. The original national theme was “Abortion Kills Babies.” This was succeeded a decade ago by “Love Them Both.” Now we have a new national theme, “Abortion Hurts Women,” recommended by a summit conference of dozens of pro-life groups. Due to the fact that they print these posters in batches of 100, and mark up only their expense involved, they’’re able to sell these to other pro-life groups for $60.00 to $99.00 each.

For further information and a glossy colored catalog detailing these posters and their prices, please visit Cincinnati Right to Life, 513-728-7870,


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