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Powerful Way to Make Our Case

In the wake of the election, getting our pro-life message out is more important than ever. The option of federal legislation or any gains through the government have been cut off for the next 4 years. As a result, pro-life education is absolutely central to keeping our momentum alive and moving the cause forward.

We must keep the truth about abortion and its deadly consequences in the minds of Americans. There’s a very important way in which we can do that.

What would you say if we could get a pro-life message into the homes of over 100 million households throughout America and Canada – a message not censored by pro-abortion media outlets? What would you say if we could provide a first-class, half-hour TV program to promote the protection of innocent human life and change millions of hearts and minds on abortion?

That time has come and it’s available to you and your neighbors! I host a weekly pro-life TV program called Facing Life Head-On. Each week I interview people who literally deal with life head-on by coming face-to-face with decisions or life situations that require monumental life choices.

Take a look at this brief introductory video on YouTube to get a better idea of what the program’s about:

Want more information? Visit our Facing Life Head-On website to get details. You can even watch some of the programs in their entirety:

Never before has the pro-life movement had such a powerful and professional message to make our case. Now more than ever, we need to utilize this opportunity to encourage others to watch this program. Check out this link for airing times in your location:

Now, share this wonderful news with as many people as you can! This is not the time for us to throw up our hands and give up. It’s a time for us to stand up and make a difference. We must expose more people to the truth about abortion and related life issues. Facing Life Head-On will help lead the way.

Please let me know what you think about the program!

Sincerely for LIFE,
Bradley Mattes
Executive Director
Life Issues Institute


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