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Three Priority Issues

Here are three important items I want to bring to your attention. These are high priority, so I hope you take a look and pass them on to others.

Number 1 The Bush administration is trying to protect healthcare providers from being forced to participate in abortion. Increasingly, pro-life physicians, nurses, pharmacists and medical students are discriminated against because they refuse to help provide abortion services or products. The Bush administration has proposed regulations that would take away federal funding of medical facilities that cross the line. Abortion advocates, who claim to be pro-choice, are opposing them. We’re not fooled, they’re not pro-choice! Most Americans don’t support abortion, so pro-abortion advocates want to force medical professions to participate in killing unborn babies. We need your help. It’s vitally important that you contact government officials and tell them you support protecting the conscience of health care providers. Those supporting abortion are responding in droves, so it’s absolutely critical that you and other pro-lifers send an email as soon as possible. We have less than a week to get our comments in, so please send your email today to

Number 2 I found this brief video inspiring even though I’m not Catholic. It’s really worth taking the time to watch! If you love your country and want what’s best for her in this election, I’m sure it will touch your heart. Please share it with every Catholic voter you know.


Number 3 In this day and age of information technology, there’s no reason to be ignorant on where the presidential and vice presidential candidates stand on abortion. This quick read is an educational piece, not a political endorsement, so even churches can use it.

These are critically important days. A cultural war is raging and the victors in November will greatly affect the moral direction of our nation. Please pray for wisdom for America as voters consider their options. And please do all you can to educate others where candidates stand on abortion. Without the right to life, we can’t enjoy the benefits of affordable healthcare, lower taxes or a pristine environment. Make abortion your number one issue when going to the polls!

Sincerely for the babies,
Bradley Mattes
Executive Director
Life Issues Institute


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