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The Execution of America’s Babies

Just when you thought the heart of mankind couldn’t get any more depraved, you learn we haven’t yet reached the bottom.

Even as we were celebrating the Supreme Court decision to uphold the ban on partial-birth abortion, abortionists, motivated by money, were devising a way to circumvent the intent of the law. Recently, the Boston Globe reported how three Harvard Medical School affiliated hospitals in the Boston area were making it possible to still perform the procedure but not risk prosecution for breaking the law. Now, prior to removing the baby from her mother’s womb, an abortionist at these hospitals, directed by ultrasound, inserts a needle through the mother’s abdomen and into the baby’s heart. He then injects chemicals commonly used to execute death row inmates. The baby is soon dead and the innocent, lifeless body is pulled from the womb.

Rather than accepting the wishes of the majority of Americans to preserve the lives of healthy viable babies, these abortionists continue to kill the innocent who deserve a chance at life outside the womb.

And, not only are they taking these lives, they may be putting the mothers at even greater risk by introducing life-threatening chemicals into their bodies.

Please help us communicate our outrage at this flagrant disrespect for life by sending a direct but respectful email to the incoming dean of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Jeffrey S. Flier, at

To make this message more effective, please forward this email to as many friends as possible so they can join our protest.

Thank you for standing with us to protect life. We are only able to make this information available because of the support of friends like you. If you agree with our life-saving efforts, please consider making a donation by clicking here.

Sincerely for life,
Bradley Mattes
Executive Director
Life Issues Institute


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