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Information at Your Fingertips

It doesn’t take long to stay “in the loop” regarding happenings on the issues of abortion, stem cells, euthanasia and more. It only takes 60 seconds when you listen to my daily radio commentary called Life Issues. This program is broadcast on nearly 600 radio stations across the nation. Life Issues is distributed by satellite, so with this technology I can bring listeners the very latest information and developments on the most critical issues of our time.

Now, we’ve made it easy for you to get Life Issues every day. It will come directly to you so you can listen when it works with your schedule.

I still want you to listen to your favorite radio station, but in the event you aren’t able to catch the latest pro-life news, the news comes to you!

With just a click of your mouse you can subscribe to Life Issues through iTunes. Each day (Monday through Friday) the latest Life Issues program will be waiting when you’re ready to listen.

If you subscribe now, you can also register to win a free iPod! Consider it my thanks for being a partner in our efforts to protect life. In addition to getting the latest pro-life information, you may be able to take it anywhere you go – with my compliments!

Just click on the link and you’re all set. It’s incredibly easy!

I know you’re as concerned as I am about protecting those too tiny or defenseless to defend themselves. Thank you!

Saving innocent human life,
Bradley Mattes
Executive Director
Life Issues Institute
Host, Life Issues


Life Issues Institute is dedicated to changing hearts and minds of millions of people through education. Organizations and individuals around the world depend upon Life Issues Institute to provide the latest information and effective tools to protect innocent human life from womb to tomb.

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