Honoring Those We Love by Giving Life to Others

There are many ways you can show your support for unborn babies and their mothers. We’d like to acquaint you with one very special and personal opportunity to help protect their lives.

We all have loved ones that have touched our lives. Grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters or close friends. What a meaningful tribute to honor the special people in your life with a gift to help unborn babies and their mothers.

This thoughtful gesture need not wait until your loved one has died. Some of our supporters have chosen to give financial gifts in honor of an event or celebration such as a birthday, baptism, wedding or anniversary. What better way to honor past, treasured teachers than by helping America’s unborn babies in their name? Other special events can include the birth of a child or the loss of a loved one. We can’t think of a greater tribute to someone for whom we care, than a gift that would help give life to another.

Every day our lives are touched by so many people we love and cherish. These people care for us, give direction, fill us with joy and in so many ways enrich our lives. By remembering them in this special way we can return some of the joy they have given to us. It is one of the ultimate expressions of love that we can give.

If you’d like to honor a special person in your life, or the memories left behind, submit the name of the person or persons to whom you wish to pay tribute or to recognize with your gift. We will send a special acknowledgement to the person or their family, letting them know of your loving tribute.

Through your gifts, Life Issues Institute is privileged to continue our mission to turn the hearts of Americans to unborn children and their mothers through education – saving lives one heart at a time.


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