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Life Issues - host Brad Mattes - pro-life radio commentary

Life Issues Radio Transcript for May 10, 2012:

MN Governor Protecting Abortion Industry

Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, made it clear he’s in the back pocket of the abortion industry. He vetoed legislation requiring abortion mills be licensed and inspected. He called the bill “inappropriate and unworkable.” What’s inappropriate about a surgical facility being licensed and inspected like all the others? Pennsylvania learned the hard way when FBI agents raided an abortion mill there and found what they called a “house of horrors.” Conditions were too horrific to describe on family radio. Now, Governor Dayton is giving the abortion industry extra protection for its violent and deadly business. Women and babies of Minnesota may pay a terrible price. Please visit today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org and tell Governor Dayton to stop protecting the abortion industry.

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Life Issues is a one-minute daily pro-life radio commentary hosted by Brad Mattes.

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