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Life Issues - host Brad Mattes - pro-life radio commentary

Life Issues Radio Transcript for August 18, 2011:

Mother of Four Faces Deportation to China

Xiu Mei Wei came to the US to marry her Chinese fiancée, but this fiancée abandoned her. In Xiu’s culture, if she had returned to China, she would’ve been shunned by her family. So she stayed in the US, became a Christian, eventually married another Chinese man and had four children. When pregnant with her third, Xiu received notice from the Chinese government saying she would be sterilized and maybe imprisoned upon her return. Xiu filed for asylum in the US. Under our laws, a person’s a refugee if they’re unable to return to their home country because of persecution. In addition to sterilization, fines and imprisonment, Xiu’s children would be denied access to education and employment. Please help Xiu stay in America. Visit today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org for details.

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