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Life Issues - host Brad Mattes - pro-life radio commentary

Life Issues Radio Transcript for November 2, 2010:

Dumpster Diving for Life

Upon returning home for lunch, a man’s neighbor alerted him to a baby crying in the dumpster. He jumped in and found an infant in a plastic bag. He rescued the little boy and got him to the hospital where the baby was in stable condition. A bigger shock came later in the evening when police told him he was the father! He had no idea his girlfriend was even pregnant. Probably because she too said she was unaware of the pregnancy, but tried to dispose of the living infant in the dumpster. She’ll be charged with attempted murder. The man’s happy about being a father and hopes to gain custody of his son. Who would’ve imagined dumpster diving in this case would lead to saving the life of his own child? While the circumstances are tragic, thankfully the story has a happy ending.

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Life Issues is a one-minute daily pro-life radio commentary hosted by Brad Mattes.

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