Send Him Reinforcements

Tom Swartley is the pastor of First Christian church in Elm Creek, Nebraska. He was invited to open this year's legislative session with a prayer. While praying Pastor Swartley called abortion a "thirty-three-year-long bloody nightmare." Ernie Chambers, a notorious pro-abortion senator, went ballistic. But he wasn't even there. He refuses to be in the senate chambers when any prayer is said. Pastor Swartley is getting all kinds of grief for praying for God's precious lambs. He's been kicked around by those diving for political cover. Go to today's program link at life issues dot org for contact information on Pastor Swartley. Let him know you support what he did. He also asks for your prayers. This is spiritual warfare and he's taking lots of hits right now. Send him reinforcements.

Tom Swartley
PO Box 525
Elm Creek, NE 68836

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