U.N. – Part 9 (The U.N. & Children’s Rights)

I’ve been talking about the destructive effects of the United Nations on traditional, social and cultural norms of the family and on religion.  One of their ways in doing this has been through the mechanism of expanding the “rights” of children.  One of their founding documents states this: “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.”  Well, almost all cultures and religions have protected this time-honored role of parents in forming the character of their children, but in the last decade this has not stopped U.N. committees from trying to completely subvert and change this.

One of the mechanisms has been to promote the so-called “Right of Privacy of Children.”  Through it, the U.N. would eliminate parental authority over their children.  For example, a “child’s right to privacy” could prohibit parents from putting software on their children’s computers to filter out pornography.

Here’s an example.  In criticizing the nation of Belize, the U.N. suggested that it create an entity to supervise parents.  This would enable children in Belize to challenge their parents’ parenting in court if they objected to the child getting an abortion, getting contraceptives or pornography.  Clearly, this new right to privacy, thus interpreted, would grossly undermine the authority of parents. 

As you read the rest of these documents, it’s quite clear that they’re aimed primarily at parents who hold traditional beliefs and who would disagree with the U.N.’s radical, feminist, socialist agenda.  They would make counseling and rehabilitation facilities accessible to children.  This means the state and non-governmental agencies, like Planned Parenthood, will be given the right to guide minor children.   Guide them to what?  Abortion—yes; contraceptives—yes; and more. 

The overall agenda here is to change the laws of nations to weaken the authority and freedom of parents to direct the moral education and attitudes of their children.

But it’s obvious, from all recent research and certainly from the wishes of the overwhelming majority of parents, that children’s sexuality and reproduction be channeled into marriage.  This reduces violence against women and children, reduces crime rates, creates greater social cohesiveness, longer life spans, better health, more education, higher income—and the list is long. 

And yet, the U.N. actively promotes sex outside of marriage as an acceptable cultural norm.  It has been encouraging governments to lend legal and financial support to the effort to change long held and wise cultural norms.  While traditional cultures regulate sex by shepherding the act toward marriage, the U.N. has promoted consensual sex at any age, with both sexes, in an unlimited manner.

And so their lofty stated goal is “to protect the rights of children.”  Their actual goal has been to destroy parental authority through the mechanism of giving children independent rights to do anything and everything against their parents’ wishes, even to the point of challenging their parental guidance legally in court.

More on the U.N. tomorrow.