Radio Transcript



 The partial birth abortion issue simply will not go away.  I have a letter to a constituent from Ohio Senator John Glenn, in which he defends his support for partial birth abortions.   

 He first states that the Roe vs. Wade decision, "within specified limits gives women the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion."  He's wrong.  There are no limits.  Abortion is legal for nine months for any social or economic reason.

 Then he says the decision should be made by the woman in consultation with doctor, family, clergyman, etc. - that the Supreme Court guaranteed this right of privacy -- this is correct.  He says the federal government has no business interfering with this personal decision.

 The best answer to this "federal government interfering" bit is to use the slavery analogy.  Do we think that the federal government should have stayed out of the slavery issue and allowed each slaveowner to make his own personal choice as to whether or not to own a slave?  The very same holds true for this other living human who just happens to yet live inside of the mother.  Actually, the federal government has gotten into the business of interfering by saying that these little people can be killed.  In fact, we want to get the government out of protecting this killing.

 Senator Glenn says that he might support a ban if there was an exception for the mother's health.  All of you know by now that the word "health" is a legal term of art and that when "health" is in a law about abortion, according to specific definitions by the U.S. Supreme Court and the World Health Organization, there is abortion on demand until birth.  

 Mr. Glenn says partial birth abortions are rare.  But, rather, we know that in one clinic in New Jersey 1,500 were done in one year.  They are not rare.  He says they're only done in situations where the mother's life or health is in danger.  Not true.  And this is from statements from the abortionists who do them.   

 The other reason he gives for doing them is "because of severe fetal abnormality."  But again, the abortionists who do these have said that 80% of the babies are entirely normal.

 He states that this is a medical decision that should be handled by a qualified physician on a case-by-case basis.  I would suggest it is not a medical decision at all -- it's a social decision, and these are highly paid abortionists who directly kill babies old enough to survive, 80% of whom are entirely normal.

 Qualified physicians have spoken very clearly that, rather than this being a method to protect the health of the mother, this method is more dangerous than other abortion methods and can have serious maternal medical consequences.

 And so, this is a letter from Senator John Glenn who has a 100% pro-abortion voting record.   Sadly, there were other senators who joined him in voting to support this gruesome, grisly method of infanticide.