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Editor in Chief..............Bradley Mattes
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Latest Edition Highlighted in Yellow

Connector 2014

February 2014

articles in html format:
1) Our Words

2) Historic Book

3) Pro-Life Award

4) The Sisterhood

5) International

6) Growing Network

7) States Exchange

June 2014

articles in html format:
1) Abortion & Slavery

2) Women & Planned Parenthood

3) Roll Call

4) Telly Awards

5) Confronting Controversy

6) States Exchange


October 2014

articles in html format:
1) Sex Trafficking

2) Dying of Thirst

3) Urban Life Issues

4) The Roll Call

5) Release from Bondage

6) Jahi McMath

7) States Exchange


Connector 2013

February 2013

articles in html format:
1) A Glimpse in Time

2) Cincinnati Seed Bed

3) Reflecting on Early Years

4) Educating Ecuador's Academia

5) Outgoing Board Members

6) The Past is Solid

7) States Exchange


articles in html format:
1) Gosnell - The Face of Abortion in America

2) Planned Parenthood's Business Model

3) Pro-Life Pioneer Called to Heaven

4) Pro-Life Advocates Support Teen Moms After Birth

5) Lessons from Ethiopia

6) States Exchange


October 2013

articles in html format:
1) Pro-Lifers Seize Momentum

2) Grassroots Gain Ground

3) Third Emmy Win

4) Bro-Choice Movement

5) New Board Member

6) We Make an "App" for That

7) States Exchange


Connector 2012

June 2012

articles in html format:
1) Romney's Conversion

2) Life at All Costs

3) Trinidad and Tobago

4) Where is the Next Generation?

5) Another Wave of Death

6) States Exchange

October 2012

articles in html format:
1) New Research

2) A Tribute to
Nellie Gray

3) Reaching Hearts

4) Second Emmy

5) The Culture War

6) States Exchange

Connector 2011

February 2011

articles in html format:
1) Auschwitz and Abortion

2) Defunding
Planned Parenthood

3) The Reality of
Late-Term Abortion

4) Saving Babies

5) States Exchange:
Put Unplanned on
Your List

October 2011

articles in html format:
1) A Heartbeat Away

2) Planned Parenthood

3) The Samson Project

4) Black Pro-Life Videos Go Viral

5) A Special Delivery!

6) Silencing the
Pro-Life Message

7) States Exchange:
A Night to Remember

Connector 2010

February 2010

articles in html format:
1) Dispelling The Myths

2) Impact of One Woman's Choice

3) Change Babies Can Live With

4) One Woman's Journey

5) The Majority Is Speaking

6) New Hope for Infertility

June 2010

articles in html format:
1) Feminist Strategy Backfiring

2) Smoking & Pregnancy

3) Abortion and Maternal Mortality

4) The West is Dying

5) Where the Rubber Meets the Road

6) States Exchange: Unparalleded Fetal Development Footage

October 2010

articles in html format:
1) The Girl Scouts: Promotimg a pro-abortion agenda

2) The Baby Boom is Over

3) Pro-Life Television Wins Prestigious Emmy AwardŽ

4) Honoring Two Longtime Board Members

5) Changes with the Life Issues Institute Staff

6) New York City Abortion Doulas

Connector 2009

February 2009

articles in html format:
1) We Must Stop FOCA

2) Richard John Neuhaus: Rest in Peace

3) The Measure of History: Lincoln's Personal Bible

4) An Open Letter to My Future Husband

5) Harry Reisiger: A Life That Mattered

6) Congressional Reception Honors Pro-life Work

August 2009

articles in html format:
1) National Health Care: Mandating Tax Funding for Abortions

2) An Abortionist Killed

3) The Amistad Journey with Phill Kline

4) Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America

5) Pro-Life Gov. Sarah Palin: A Profile In Courage

6) The Woman Who Started it All

7) Three Times the Education

October 2009

articles in html format:
1) A Closer Look at the Healthcare Situation

2) AARP Is Hopelessly Liberal And Against the Values of Most Seniors

3) Protecting Black Life goes to the United Kingdom

4) Award Winning Pro-Life Television!

5) The Dark Side to Being Green

6) November is National Adoption Awareness Month

Connector 2008

February 2008

articles in html format:
1) Giving Voice
To The Fathers

2) Henry Hyde:
A Pro-Life Giant and Cherished Friend

3) Dynamite Happenings In Kansas

4) Wet Mascara:
a Compelling Message for Teen Abstinence

5) A Strong Pro-Life President

April 2008

articles in html format:
1) The Long Journey Must Continue

2) Pro-Life Message Tailored for Jewish Community

3) The Stem Cell Argument is Over

4) Steve Said No:
a Compelling Message for Teen Abstinence

5) Phill Kline Awarded Hero at Heart

6) Man's Heart is Still Evil

7) Showing the Appealing Side of Adoption

July 2008

articles in html format:
1) McCain's Vice President?

2) A Miracle from Within

3) Our Tax Dollars Fund the Abortion Industry

4) KCMH Radio Receives Grand Prize for Youth Outreach

5) So you want my pro-life vote . . .

6) "Truth Booth" Reaching Target Audience

October 2008

articles in html format:
1) Will Women Be Put In Jail?

2) Which President Decreased Abortions?

3) Perfection is in the Eyes of the Beholder

4) Effective Resources Now Available to Reach the Black Community

5) Laws Ending Abortion Do Not Equal Dead Women

6) Feminism And Its Double Standard

Connector 2007

January 2007

articles in html format:
1) South Dakota Failed
So What Now?

2) Birth Certificates For Stillborns?

3) Down Syndrome and Abortion

4) Saving Lives with Embryo Adoption

5) 45 Million Lives

April 2007

articles in html format:
1) Infant Adoption?

2) Youngest Preemie?

3) Battle Continues

4) Urban Outreach

5) She Knew Only Love

6) Forced Choice

7) Deluxe Counseling

July 2007

articles in html format:
1) Abortion and Slavery

2) Teresa Survived

3) New International Effort

4) Oregon Law

5) Political Accountability

6) Softly With Love

October 2007

articles in html format:
1) ERA is Back

2) Legacy of Life

3) Influencing the NAACP

4) Euthanasia Knowledge

5) Not Anymore

6) College Activism


January 2006

articles in html format:
1) Will There Be Life After Roe?

2) Special Birth Announcement

3) Edwin Meese Event

4) Targeting Minorities

5) UN Victory

6) Abortionist at Work


April 2006

articles in html format:
1) Abortion vs Childbirth

2) What Will You Say Then?

3) Impact in Europe

4) Protect Women's Health

5) Men and Abortion

July 2006

articles in html format:
1) The Hidden Dangers of In Vitro Fertilization

2) US Federal Courts The Time Is Now

3) March of Dimes Update

4) Marketing the Killing of Human Life

5) Hospice Care for Unborn Babies

October 2006

articles in html format:
1) Persistent Vegetative State
It's Not What We Thought

2) Sandra Day O'Connor -
Reagan's Mistkae

3) Babies, the World's Best Natural Resource

4) Plan B Will Cause More Pregnancies and Abortions

5) Newest Board Member

6) Capturing the First Precious Hours


February 2005

articles in html format:
1) A State Law to Forbid Abortion?

2) We Will Outnumber Them

3) Celebration of Life Banquet

4) Democratic Party Must Rethink Its Abortion Stand

5) Truth Unmasked Updated!

6) The Rest of the Story

7) Ultrasound on Wheels

April 2005

articles in html format:
1) Dramatic Uses of Adult Stem Cells

2) Central America - Five Countries in Fifteen Days

3) Abortion Breast Cancer Link

4) New Board Member

5) Supreme Court Show and Tell

6) Resources to Help Men

October 2005

articles in html format:
1) Planned Parenthood Abortion Facilities Target African American Communities

2) The Truth About Fetal Pain

3) Komen Foundation Supports Abortion Industry

4) National Girl Scouts Pro-Abortion

5) Why It's So Important

6) The First Academic Curriculum on the
Life Issues


February 2004

articles in html format:
1) Euthanasia - Where Is It Today?

2) Comfort Finally Found In Strings of a Harp

3) New Partial-Birth Abortion Brochure

4) Partial-Birth Abortion Ban - Will It Survive Court Challenge?

5) Truth Unmasked

6) The Truth Is More Ghastly Than Fiction

7) Ecumenical Effort to Register Voters Underway

July 2004

articles in html format:
1) Studies Reveal Pro-Life Values Established at Early Age

2) RU 486 Has Killed Seven Women

3)Stem Cell Brochure

4)Registering Voters Critial For Fall Election

5) New Major Legislation to Advance Pro-Life Cause

6) A True Olympic Hero: Tasha Danvers-Smith

7) New Board Member

8) Free Ad Slicks to Register Voters

October 2004

articles in html format:
1) A Health Exception

2) The First Week of Life, Words We Use

3)Where Do the Candidates Stand on Abortion?

4) Fills Pro-Life Void

5) Save the Date!

6) Disguising Abortion to Look Like Labor

7) Your Vote Counts!


January 2003

articles in html format:
1) The New Kids on the Block - Everybody Wants Them!

2) Media Semantics

3) Unborn Baby Finally Laid to Rest

4) The World's Most Valuable Pro-Life Publication Has Just Gotten Better

5) Aggressive is an Understatement

6) Sex & Young Amerca


January 2002

articles in html format:
1) A Pro-Life Adventure in Moscow

2) A Miraculous Story

3) Life Issues Institute Moves into New Headquarters

4) "Tragic" is an Understatement

5) A New, Updated Message Every Month

April 2002

articles in html format:
1) NARAL Attacks
Women Help

2) Coffins or Cribs

3) Croatia Follows Poland

4) New Ad Slick

5) No News Can Be Deadly News

6) Each Day They
Kill 540 More. . .

July 2002

articles in html format:
1) Evidence Shows Abortion Industry Partners with Sexual Predators

2) Definite Progress

3) Victory at UN Child Summit

4) Life Experiences Make Positive Results

5) A Gentle Light on the Subject


February 2001

articles in html format:
1) Life Issues Institute Is Celebrating Ten Years With a New Home

2) Fertilized Eggs Don't Implant

3) RU 486 Approved Under Controversial Plan

4) I Was Inside

5) The Key to Saving Lives

6) A New Dynamic for Your Meeting

April 2001

articles in html format:
1) Parkinsons Fetal Transplant Disaster

2) New Fetal Development Pictures!

3) A Victory for the Babies - Target Boycot Ended

4) An Update on Partial Birth Abortion

5) Don't Only Say "Partial-Birth Abortion."

6) A Direct Impact on the Lives of Babies

July 2001

articles in html format:
1) Reaching Out to the African American Community With Pro-Life Education

2) Vaccines, Today's Controversy

3) I Oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Research

4) Reaching Millions Through Radio

5) Buyer Beware

6) Is Your Doctor Doing It?

November 2001

articles in html format:
1) The Truth Behind Stem Cells: Let's Sort it Out

2) A Large Family

3) They're Pro-Life in South Africa

4) NARAL On the Attack Again

5) Let's Call a Spade a Spade

6) A New Fetal Development Tool

January 2000

RU 486 Marketing
Projected for January
April 2000

Clear Evidence: If Forbidden, Abortion Will Not Return To The Back Alley
July 2000

“Life of the Mother”
Is it Needed in Legislation?

October 2000

RU 486 Approved
Dangers to Women

January 1999

50th Anniversary of United Nations "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"
April 1999

Steve Forbes on Abortion
July 1999

Baby Parts for Sale
September 1999

Part Two – Baby Parts for Sale – The Documentation

January, 1998

Global Depopulation
– A Reality?

April, 1998

Public Schools
Can Teach Pro-Life
July, 1998

Abortion Clinic Chain Operator Now Pro-Life and Speaking Out
January, 1997
Why Clinton Got
the Catholic Vote

April, 1997
Major Court Decision Near

July, 1997
Years of
Loving Them Both
October, 1997
The UN, an Evil Institution?
  March, 1996
Post-Abortion Syndrome
by J.C. Willke, MD
June, 1996
The Impact on Men
by Bradley Mattes

September, 1996
Smashing Pro-Life Victory