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Bible Studies

2002 Be Silent No More
Bible Study [PDF] Leader's Guide [PDF]

2002 End of Life Bible Study Series
Lesson 1: The Fear of End Times [PDF], Leader's Guide [PDF]
Lesson 2: The Joy of End Times [PDF], Leader's Guide [PDF]
Lesson 3: How to Live in the End Times [PDF], Leader's Guide [PDF]

1999 God’s Word Calls Us to Speak Up
Download [PDF]

1999 What Does it Mean to be Pro-Life?
Download [PDF]

1998 God is Pro-Life
Bible Study [PDF] Leader's Guide [PDF]

1997 Fight for Faith...Fight for Life
Bible Study [PDF] Leader's Guide [PDF]

1993 Life Has an Inherent Value, Regardless of Its Quality
Download [PDF]

1989 A Bible Study on Abortion
Download [PDF]

1989 The Meaning of the Term "Human Life"
Download [PDF]

The Book of Jonah and Our Mission to an Ungodly Nation
Download [PDF]

Human Life is a Gift Which Only God Can Give
Download [PDF]

When I Die...
Download [PDF]

God's Pro-Life Testimony in Christ
Download [PDF]

Christian Ethics
How Christians Make Decisions [PDF]
Sexual Ethics [PDF]
Ethics at the End of Life [PDF]

Full of Grace, Seasoned with Salt
What Does the Bible Say About Losing Our Salvation? [PDF]
What Does the Bible Say About Sexual Immorality? [PDF]
What Does the Bible Say About Baptism? [PDF]
Counseling People for Guilt [PDF]

Teen Bible Study

“Yeah, It’s Time to Speak, But . . .”

God of Life, Now and Forever

What Does the Bible Say about Abortion?
Christian Bible Study on What God Says about Abortion

What the Bible Says About the Beginning of Life

Abortion Slogans


Abortion Bible Study

Abortion and the Bible:Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion?