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Judy Garland Nearly Aborted

Can you imagine the world without Judy Garland?  The way she sang “Over the Rainbow” in the Wizard of Oz has touched generations.  But she was almost aborted.  Sid Luft, Garland’s former husband, recalled before he died that her parents, Ethel and Frank Gumm weren’t happy with another pregnancy and wanted to have an abortion.  So they went to a friend for advice who was a medical student.  The friend told them to go home and have their third child, so they did and a star was literally born.  Ironically, Judy Garland went on to play a leading role in the remake of the film, “A Star is Born.”  There have been 60 million abortions in America.  It makes you wonder how many beautiful songs were left unsung because the voices were silenced by abortion.

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