Pro-Aborts Advise Chill Out

March 9th, 2011

Even pro-abortion activists say their movement is too radical and ridged. Well, sort of. Frances Kissling recently wrote in the Washington Post pro-lifers are getting more “sophisticated” and they aren’t. She says, and I quote, “The ‘pro-choice’ brand has eroded considerably.” Also noting public sentiment is now on the side of life, Kissling says the pro-abortion movement must realize Americans see late-term abortion as particularly appalling. She further laments the November election and the continued erosion of abortion-on-demand. Kissling advises pro-abortion activists to firmly oppose late-term abortion. But by the time she defines all the exceptions, it’s just hollow talk. Yes, we’re winning the battle of abortion. But we need your continued prayers to reach our goal.


Attempted Murder in Ontario Hospital

March 7th, 2011

The London Ontario hospital is trying to kill little baby Joseph who suffers from a severe neurological disorder. Doctors there say he’s in a persistent vegetative state. First, humans aren’t vegetables. Second, family says Joseph responds to sound and touch, especially cold hands. The hospital’s trying to force the parents to allow them to end treatment and kill him. The parents want doctors to give Joseph a tracheotomy and allow them to take him home so they can care for him until he dies. But the hospital won’t do it because it’s too risky. They want to kill the child, but this simple procedure is too risky! Parents aren’t allowed visits without a security guard present. If they video Joseph, they’ll deny visits entirely. They don’t want the truth getting out like it did with Terri Schiavo.


Victory in the United Kingdom

March 4th, 2011

Pro-lifers achieved a big victory in England. The High Court of UK ruled against dropping protections for women who take RU 486. The abortion industry wanted to send women home with the abortion pill. Normally they’re required to stay at the abortion mill until the abortion’s completed. Chemical abortions often have serious complications. They’re notorious for not completing the abortion. This results in ongoing bleeding and a high risk of infection. If pro-abortion activists had prevailed, young girls, at home alone, wouldn’t know when the pain and bleeding was so great they should seek emergency medical treatment. This would’ve put women in danger, not to mention the innocent baby who’s killed. Considering the hostile environment for unborn babies in UK, we truly thank God for this victory.


NARAL NY Financial Scandal

March 3rd, 2011

The president of New York’s NARAL, a hard-core pro-abortion organization, has been fired. An audit appears to show she’s been supporting a lavish personal lifestyle with the organization’s money. This includes clothing from Giorgio Armani, a summer rental in the Hamptons and car service for her kids to get to a posh private school in Manhattan. Suspect internal, large money transactions will also get a closer look. This is more than being caught with her hands in the cookie jar. The Manhattan District Attorney is launching a criminal probe into the group. Transparency for nonprofit organizations is essential. Here at Life Issues Institute we have a built-in system of accountability to avoid scandal. I hope this puts NARAL out of business so more babies will live and mothers spared emotional devastation.


MTV Skins Losing Viewers

March 2nd, 2011

MTV is known for its raunchy programming. And it’s living up to its reputation with a controversial teen drama called Skins. The Parents Television Council wants the show investigated for being child pornography. The program is tanking in viewership and advertisers are avoiding the program like the plague. But MTV is counting on the controversy to boost its edgy brand regardless of the cost to the network. Bloggers say the program isn’t resonating with teens, and there’s absolutely no buzz on the Internet. Teens who are talking about the drama series seem to be reinforcing this perception. Many say the constant partying sex and drug use is not realistic to the average teen’s life. But this is a good reminder to parents to watch what your kids see on TV.


Heads Rolling in PA

March 1st, 2011

Heads are rolling in the wake of the Pennsylvania abortion mill “house of horrors.” Late-term abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, is being held without bail and charged with eight counts of murder. The condition of the abortion mill was appalling. Governor Tom Corbet has fired state employees who should’ve acted to protect women and their babies. It’s not known who was fired and who resigned, but there’s been a shakeup. The previous pro-abortion Governor ended the inspection of all abortion mills. The current Governor said the Gosnell atrocity, “doesn’t even rise to the level of government run amok. It’s despicable.” The abortion mill served mostly low-income minority women. The grand jury’s list of violations is longer than my arm. I’ll be watching the trial and reporting. Pray justice will be done.


Bernard Nathanson Remembered

February 28th, 2011

Bernard Nathanson was once the biggest abortionist in the Western World, but became a hero for unborn babies. Doctor Nathanson who died last week ran an abortion mill in New York City and was instrumental in legalizing abortion. But in the late seventies, this Jewish atheist saw the unborn child through ultrasound. He declared himself pro-life and became a hugely effective spokesperson for the pro-life movement. He produced the famous pro-life film, “Silent Scream” and its follow-up “Eclipse of Reason.” Doctor Nathanson was also a well-known author. He became a Christian in the nineties, where he said he found true peace. Considering his many regrets in life, he found peace in Christ and wasn’t shy about saying so. Often times those who leave the abortion industry are our greatest ambassadors for innocent life.


Lowering the Price of Life

February 25th, 2011

Euthanasia is legal in Belgium. I’ve often said euthanasia is a slippery slope to other things. Now Belgian doctors in three university hospitals are openly advocating the harvesting of organs from those who are euthanized. We all know there’s a shortage of donor organs. So imagine the incentive for doctors there to convince people with disabilities, and society at large, their deaths have greater value than their lives. In Belgium, twenty-percent of those killed by euthanasia had neuromuscular disorders. This results in a relatively high quality of organs. You don’t need to be a prophet to see where this is going. Once you put a price tag on innocent human life, it only goes down from there until life is worth nothing. The price just went down in Belgium.


Treating Unborn With Adult Stem Cells

February 24th, 2011

There continues to be monumental breakthroughs treating patients with adult stem cells—NOT the embryonic kind where human life is killed. This latest discovery is worth mentioning. Doing research on mice, they’ve found they should be able to take a mother’s adult stem cells and treat the illness of her unborn baby. Isn’t that cool?! Scientists at the University of California-San Francisco say they can now think “really big.” This means treatment for babies with ailments from neurological disorders to muscular ones—all before birth. The study also found they can get usable cardiac adult stem cells for treating babies with heart ailments as early as one day after their birth. I wish we could now get the President to stop flushing money down the drain for embryonic research.


Huge Pro-Life Victory for Women Help Centers

February 23rd, 2011

A federal judge has permanently struck down a pro-abortion law passed by the Baltimore City Council. It attacks pro-life help centers by forcing them to put up signs saying they don’t offer abortion services. Many abortion-minded women go into these centers and are educated about abortion and their unborn babies. As a result, many of them chose life for their babies. This law was retaliation by the abortion industry and pro-abortion activists. However, the judge said the law was viewpoint-based and unconstitutional under the First Amendment of free speech. It’s a huge pro-life victory because Austin, Texas has passed a similar law, and New York City is thinking about doing so. It seems the pro-lifers are the only ones striving for women to have a choice.