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Babies Listen and Remember in the Womb

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

A new study shows unborn babies remember music they heard while in the womb. Scientists at a university in Paris played piano music for unborn babies twice a day for three weeks late in pregnancy. One month after their birth, they played the same music while monitoring the babies’ heart rates. At the same time, they had a control group of babies who hadn’t participated. The infants who heard the music in the womb had twice the reaction to hearing it again as a one-month-old infant, compared with the control group. The scientists said the results also suggest newborns are attentive to their mother’s voice because they’ve already become familiar with it in the womb. This works with dads too. A parent’s relationship begins with the child earlier than many thought.


Abortion is Killing Women

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

When the Philadelphia abortionist “house of horrors” made headlines, it caused a chain reaction. Two abortionists associated with Kermit Gosnell lost their licenses. The Governor of Pennsylvania demanded abortion mills be inspected. Two near Philly failed miserably. Inspectors discovered medications that expired in the seventies! They found needles on the floor, faulty equipment and unsanitary conditions. The abortionist didn’t even know how to work the oxygen tank in case of an emergency. Instead of fixing the problems he closed shop and retired. A Kansas abortionist recently testified against pro-life legislation when he accidentally revealed there had been five deaths of women in the past five years. None were of record. Legal abortion is claiming the lives and health of women.


Jane Russell Remembered

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Movie star legend, Jane Russell, recently died. She was well known for her sex appeal on the silver screen. What isn’t commonly known is she came from a devout Christian family. At only eighteen, when her career was taking off, she became pregnant. Jane resorted to an illegal abortion which nearly took her life. As a result, she was never able to conceive again. Emotional and physical healing came for Jane through repentance, faith and a compassionate and loving mother. After that, Jane put her passion into founding the World Adoption International Fund. She adopted three children. Jane Russell was never shy talking about her tragic abortion and encouraging women to choose life for their babies. And she leaves behind a legacy more important than film—six grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.


Pro-Choice Terrorist

Friday, March 18th, 2011

I’ll bet you didn’t hear about this in the media. Theodore Shulman was arrested by federal agents for making death threats against several pro-life leaders. The official charges by the FBI are under seal, but he’s being held without bond in New York City. Theodore is a self-described “pro-choice terrorist” who’s been terrorizing pro-life leaders for some time. His mother is a feminist author and political activist who’s had four abortions—two before Theodore was born and two after. It’s very possible the fact his mother aborted his brothers and sisters impact his mental well-being. But just imagine what the media would have done if this had been a pro-life extremist terrorizing pro-abortion activists. It would have been all over the media and denounced by politicians.


Pro-Life Flash Mob

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

A flash mob is new to our society. It’s a gathering of people for one specific purpose. Invitations are usually sent through social networking or viral media. In Chicago, pro-abortion activists planned a pro-abortion march. Pro-lifers organized a flash mob to counter their event. They came with yellow helium-filled balloons hidden in black garbage bags. The goal was to make a positive pro-life statement. Pro-abortion activists came dressed in orange, so the pro-lifers prepared a sign reading, “Orange you glad we’re here?” When one of the pro-lifers started music from his backpack, everyone released their balloons and chanted. They outshined the pro-abortion event. It was brilliantly executed. You can watch a video of this. Just visit today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org.


No Planned Parenthood Does Mammograms

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

As the debate over tax funding of Planned Parenthood continues, you’ll hear about so-called vital other services this abortion giant offers women. One they’re quick to say, is mammograms. Several chapters of the Komen foundation have given big bucks to Planned Parenthood, specifically for mammograms and other related services. But pro-life blogger, Jill Stanek, did a little research. Not a single Planned Parenthood affiliate in America does mammograms. They only refer for them. My office sometimes refers women to pro-life OB/GYNs, but it doesn’t mean we provide the service. Nor should we give that impression. It would be lying. Planned Parenthood’s main purpose is to provide contraceptive and abortion services to your children without your knowledge or consent. Let’s stop their funding.


Off the Team Tough Love

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

The headline read like a paper from the nineteen-seventies. “College Dismisses Basketball Player from Team for Having Premarital Sex.” This actually happened to Brandon Davies at Brigham Young University. The sophomore told school officials about the inappropriate relationship with his girlfriend. He’ll be off the team for the season and it remains to be seen about his future at the university. It was a devastating blow for the team to lose a starter, and Brandon’s fellow students were disappointed, but said the school did the right thing. I do too. And I wish more schools would do the right thing. Getting kicked off the team is far better for Brandon than having STDs, a pregnancy and a possible tragic abortion decision to deal with. It’s what they call tough love.


Japan’s Hope is in HIM

Monday, March 14th, 2011

The news was absolutely devastating. It was Japan’s most violent earthquake in its history. The resulting tsunami left widespread devastation in its wake. My wife and I stood in shocked silence as we watched the first film footage on TV. We’ll never know God’s wisdom in all this. But we can pray His mercy and love will be multiplied in this crisis. May we all look to the author of life to provide hope and healing to the millions of affected people. This latest tragedy shows us how fragile human life is and just how quickly it can be summoned from us. Please keep the victims in your daily prayers. May our Lord let them know that when there appears to be no hope, they can hope in Him. And may we continue to work to protect life under all circumstances.


The Skin Gun

Friday, March 11th, 2011

There are lots of advancements with adult stem cells. This one’s nothing short of miraculous. You probably know someone who’s been seriously burned. In the past, they’ve been able to grow new skin in labs, but it took forever. Now, scientists have developed a way to take the patient’s own adult stem cells from healthy skin. They isolate the cells, mix them with a water solution and spray them on the burned area. It’s similar to spraying paint. Reportedly, it only takes days to heal the patient. A Pennsylvania police officer suffered severe second-degree burns on his arm. The adult stem cells were sprayed on a Friday. He was declared healed on Monday. See his brief video by visiting today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org. It’s really amazing.


STD? Give Blood!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest chain of abortion mills, gets hundreds of millions of your tax dollars each year. Is it money well spent? You be the judge. Recently an undercover video showed a Planned Parenthood staff member giving appalling advice to someone who thought he might have a sexually transmitted disease. She said, “Go donate blood, they test for everything.” She admitted this was advice she gave lots of people. When those at blood donation centers were told of her actions, they were obviously upset. They don’t appreciate being used by Planned Parenthood as their personal STD screeners. If you think this is a bad use of your tax dollars, visit today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org. Sign on to our effort to get Congress to stop funding Planned Parenthood.