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Many Americans don't realize why Obamacare is dangerous, so education is critical. We have a new tool to help you do that!

Life Issues Institute has put together an informative fact sheet called Why You Should Be Concerned About Obamacare to help you educate your friends, family, church and community about the anti-life measures that exist within Obamacare.

Please take the time to educate yourself and then share your knowledge with those you know.

Ideas for Use:

  • Download and print for use in bulletin inserts. (Print and then fold in half to 5.5” x 8.5.”)
  • Print out and insert with mailings such as newsletters.
  • Hand out at local events and functions in your community.
  • Share the link via social media on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Email the link to your friends and family with a personal message from you.
  • If your organization has an e-newsletter, consider adding a link.
  • Share it with pro-life leaders and groups in your community.
  • Bring this issue to the attention of the media by sending it to your local newspapers, radio and TV.

We cannot afford to be silent while so many fellow Americans are vulnerable to attacks on their lives.

Article by National Review Online Regarding Obamacare